Creation, Connection, Contribution

Welcome to the incredible journey of WeRISE, a start-up that is reshaping the way busy city dwellers experience life by building urban villages.

At the core of WeRISE is a powerful vision to reignite the sense of community that once thrived in village life, now thoughtfully designed for urban living.

And central to each village is the church.


Together we can rebuild the virtuous cycle of true fulfilment. Rekindling the communal essence of village life into the urban landscape. So, whether you choose to join us by giving once or through our community of monthly givers, The Village, know that 100% of your generosity will go to building urban villages around the world.

WeRISE Mission

to revive hope, eradicate existential emptiness, and free an abundance of fulfilment in our communities.

WeRISE Projects

The Right Place and the Right Community

Our visionary undertaking revolves around a trinity of goals:

  1. Rekindling the presence of God within our communities.
  2. Breathing new life into historical buildings, preserving their legacy for future generations.
  3. Serving the community through social services, educational programs, and cultural events.

- A Place For Transformation To Happen -

Bringing life into our community.

Church & Ministries
Spiritual Guidance, Fellowship, Community Support
Social Services
Counseling & Support Groups
Performing Arts
Bringing Life to Our Community
Hospitality Training School
Practicing the Art of Hospitality
Terrace & Garden
A Place to Connect and to Rejoice
Creative Academy
Unleashing Talents through Dance and Music
Leadership Academy
Seminars, Workshops, Masterclasses to Nurture the Leaders of Tomorrow
Business Incubator
Empowering Young People & Adults Through Entrepreneurship
Coffee Shop
Fostering a Living Neighborhood with Community Events
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Imagine a place where art, culture, education and spirituality come together harmoniously.

A haven of peace where the challenges and difficulties of life can be openly shared without fear of judgment.

A place where comfort, support, and guidance are available.

Creative spaces fostering enriching conversations, self-discovery, and genuine relationships.

>> This is WeRISE! <<

Together WeImpact

What Impact You Could Make!

We can’t achieve this ambitious goal alone, and that’s why we’re extending an invitation to join us in what is poised to become Belgium’s most significant endeavor in church preservation and community revitalization.

Your participation will:

Establish a worship and fellowship place for

and God-seekers

Provide social & community services to

Men, Women, and Children in Need

Create a safer neighborhood for

Residents and Commuters

Craft a vibrant cultural and event space for

City Residents and Visitors

WeRISE Fundraising

Every Contribution Counts!

Our aspirations are grand, yet perfectly aligned with the profound impact we aim to make on our community and our world.

Each one of our projects unfolds across five distinct phases:

Feasibility Study

Property Acquisition

Planning & Design

Restoration & Construction

Pre-Opening & Start-Up

We are committed to optimizing expenses and directing any surplus funds beyond the necessary requirements of one specific stage entirely to the next phase.


Creating A Brighter Future Together!

There are many ways you can make a difference:

Don’t underestimate the power of prayer. Your prayers are incredibly meaningful and have the potential to move hearts and make a real difference. It can be as simple as

“Heavenly Father,

We lift up the WeRISE project before You, asking for Your divine favor and guidance. May it shine as a beacon of Your glory in Brussels, uniting hearts, serving the community, and spreading Your love. Empower us to be instruments of Your light, transforming lives and glorifying Your name.


We’re about to launch two avenues for financial support.

First, for patrons who believe in our mission and want to contribute financially, click on GIVE.

Second, for those who want to be committed for the long term, we are inviting equity partners to join us through an innovative approach, making this project accessible to a broad range of investors. Click on PLEDGE.

If you are a business, we offer customize corporate partnership packages to align with your specific social, marketing, and RSE or CSR goals. Let’s Talk. Click Here.

Help us get the word out by sharing our campaign on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.

Whether your workplace has CSR, ESG, or any ‘Give Back’ initiatives or not, consider proposing our innovative and impactful project as a worthy cause to support.

If you have a significant following or network, we invite you to leverage your influence and passion to help us achieve our goals. Your support as an Ambassador can be a game-changer in spreading our message and making a meaningful difference in the lives of many.

If you possess distinctive skills and vibrant energy, we invite you to become part of our team. Your unique talents can make a meaningful contribution to our mission. We are currently seeking a legal advisor specializing in crowdfunding and real estate, architects with expertise in church restoration, social media experts, event organizers, and individuals with a passionate commitment to building the Kingdom of God.

By doing so, you’re not just supporting a project; you’re championing a movement that can transform lives, revitalize communities, and spread hope.

Join Us

to revive hope, eradicate existential emptiness, and free an abundance of fulfilment in our communities.